FAQs | City of Presque Isle | Presque Isle, Maine

Can I still recycle at curbside using blue bags?

Yes. If you use Gil’s Sanitation or Star City Sanitation, you can continue to recycle at curbside using blue bags. There is no additional collection fee for using blue bags for recycling. Blue bags are available for purchase at Bradley’s C-Store, Graves’ Shop ‘n Save (service desk), Save-A-Lot (check out register), Star City IGA (check out register), Steaks N’ Stuff (check out register), and Wal-Mart.

How do I recycle using blue bags at curbside?

You can recycle cans, PETE #1 plastic bottles with a neck and HDPE#2 plastic bottles with a neck in one Blue Bag. Newspaper, magazines, glossy paper, office paper, and books should be placed in a  second Blue Bag.  Cardboard can be flattened and placed under a blue bag so that it won’t blow away. Set your blue bags with recyclables out with your trash and your waste hauler will deliver them to the Recycling Center.

Can I recycle glass at curbside?

Yes. Place glass containers in a plastic grocery shopping bag and set the bag next to your full blue bag of recyclables.  DO NOT put glass in a blue bag.

Are there other options for recycling besides curbside using blue bags?

Yes, you can either take your recyclables to the Presque Isle Landfill or to the Presque Isle Recycling Center.  Blue bags are not required at either facility and there is no cost for recycling at either location.

Where is the Presque Isle Recycling Center located?

click on link http://www.presqueislemaine.gov/division-of-solid-waste

Why wasn’t my blue bag of recyclables picked up?

Waste haulers have been instructed to leave blue bags that are not tied, or have visible signs of non-recyclable items inside.  There should be a sticker on the bag with a box checked off giving the reason why the bag was left.  Call 760-2712 if you have questions.

What are some examples of non-recyclable items?

Some common items that are NOT recyclable are: paper towels, facial tissues, paper plates, paper napkins, pellet bags, plastic grocery bags, unrinsed plastics and cans, plastic containers with the caps still on, and plastics numbered #3 – #7.   Recycle only those plastic bottles coded #1 or #2 that have a neck.  Please discard the cap. All other plastics are trash. Items that are food contaminated or are hygienic in nature are not recyclable.

What do I do if my Blue Bag of recyclables was not picked up and it wasn’t contaminated?

You can call the Department of Public Services, Division of Solid Waste at 760-2712.

Can I recycle metal items other than tin cans?

Large and small metal items can be recycled at the Recycling Center and Landfill at no cost.  Items containing freon require a $5 fee to help cover the cost of freon removal, which is required by federal law.  Items containing freon include refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers.

What can I do with compostable materials?

Compostable materials including leaves, grass clippings, lawn rakings, and brush that is 1/2 inch or smaller in diameter can be delivered to the Recycling Center and Landfill without a fee.

What if I have other questions?

Call 760-2712 if you have questions regarding waste disposal or recycling.

Has the Pay as You Throw program ended?

Yes, the program has ended effective April 1, 2017.

What are the options for trash disposal after this date?

There are 2 options for having your trash disposed of.  Both are at the expense of the resident.

  1. Contract with a local waste hauler for collection and disposal of trash.
  2. You can take your trash to the Presque Isle Landfill.


Will the transfer station be reopening?

No, the transfer station will not be reopening for trash disposal.  However, the Recycling Center/Universal Waste facility remains open at 655 Missile Street.

Who are the local waste haulers in Presque Isle?

The 2 waste haulers licensed for residential collection in Presque Isle are:

  1.  Gil’s Sanitation 769-0711
  2.  Star City Sanitation 764-1692


Where is the Landfill located and what are the operating hours?

click on this link http://www.presqueislemaine.gov/division-of-solid-waste

Do I need a permit to use the Landfill?

No permit is required, but payment with cash or check is required at the time of disposal.  Debit and credit cards are not accepted.

What does it cost for waste disposal at the Landfill?

click on the link http://www.presqueislemaine.gov/landfill-permit-rules-fee-schedule


Will I be reimbursed for unused PAYT bags?

No, residents will not be reimbursed for unused PAYT bags.  However, you can continue to deliver your full PAYT bags to the Landfill until July 1, 2017 and not be charged.