• Boat, Snowmobile and ATV Registration
    City Clerk's Office
    Presque Isle City Hall
    12 Second Street
    Presque Isle, ME 04769
    Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    Phone: 207-760-2720
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Boat, ATV and Snowmobile Registration | City of Presque | Presque Isle, Maine

What to Bring:

If an ATV, boat or snowmobile is purchased as a private sale, if available, please bring the previous registration along with the bill of sale.  If an old registration is not available, please bring the ME number (registration number on the side of the boat) and the VIN number. A bill of sale is also required. If the machine was purchased through a private sale, sales taxes will be paid at the time of registration.

If a recreational vehicle is purchased from a dealership, the bill of sale is required for the registration.


Boat registrations are subject to excise tax. The amount of the tax is based on the length and age of the boat, as well as the horsepower of the motor.  Boat excise tax must be paid in the owner’s town of residence regardless of where the boat is docked. Boat registrations expire December 31st each year.

Lake and River Protection stickers are to be issued with all boat registrations that use Maine’s lakes and waterways. The fee for the Resident sticker is $10, and $20 for Non-resident, in addition to all other registration fees. The stickers are attached to the registration sticker itself. It is unlawful to operate a motorboat or personal watercraft on inland waters without this sticker. The purpose for the milfoil sticker is to prevent the introduction of Invasive Aquatic Plants to Maine waters. The sale of the stickers fund the prevention program.


Snowmobile registrations are $45.00 plus a $1.00 agent fee. Registrations expire on June 30th each year. All snowmobiles operated in the State of Maine must be registered in Maine. The State of Maine no longer has reciprocity with any other state or province on snowmobile registrations.

Non-resident snowmobile fees for the three day registration are $43.00 plus a $1.00 agent fee. A season registration is $88.00 plus a $1.00 agent fee.


ATV registrations are $33.00 plus a $1.00 agent fee for residents. Non-resident ATV registrations are $68.00 plus a $1.00 agent fee. They expire June 30th each year.

NOTE: All first time registrations have an agent fee of $2.00.