Board of Directors, Subcommittees and Contact Information

2011 Board Members

Board members must be appointed by City Council

Board of Directors meets the SECOND WEDNESDAY of every month from 7:30 to 9:00 am at Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library


Vice Chair:         Cathy Beaulieu          12/31/2011

Felicia Dixon              12/31/2011

Ginny Joles                12/31/2011

Tim Lavin                    12/31/2011

Patty Leblanc             12/31/2012

Steve Sutter                12/31/2013

Treasurer:         Luke Rossignol          12/31/2011

Chairperson:    Leigh Smith                 12/31/2013

Scott Violette                12/31/2012

City Staff:           Martin Puckett              760-2785


Subcommittee Assignments


You are welcome to join a subcommittee anytime!

Promotions Subcommittee

Meets the SECOND TUESDAY of every month at 12:00 PM at Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library

Chair: Mandy Pooler      764-3661

Current Members: Shawn Cunningham, Jenni LaChance, Dianna Leighton, Rachel Rice

Economics Subcommittee

Chair: Cathy Beaulieu    764-0309

Current Members: Work in progress!

Organization Subcommittee

Chair: Patty Leblanc       769-7731

Current Members: Same here!

Design Subcommittee

Meets the THIRD THURSDAY of every month 7:30 am at Maine Public Service

Chair: Ginny Joles         760-2418

Current Members: Jan Murchison, Mandy Pooler, Ted Roberts, Leigh Smith, Scott Violette

Beautification Committee

Roberta Griffeth, Ann Wight, Martha Lapointe